Cody Casaletta
l. Coaching Philosophy
I believe that through athletics students will develop character, responsibility, and teamwork. Athletics provide a means by which students can achieve success outside of the classroom that will ultimately help them succeed academically as well. As a coach and physical educator I have the knowledge in athletics and education to help students develop the characteristics associated with athletics that will help them in the classroom and throughout the rest of their lives.
            Character describes the traits that make a person who they are. Developing character through athletics is very important as it will benefit students for the rest of their lives. Being on a team with others builds character over time. Having team building activities and meeting outside of practice can also help build character through athletics.  I believe that having good character is a necessary trait for anyone who aspires to be a leader, be respected, and have a positive influence on others. The character that will be developed through athletics will carry over to the classroom and help them academically and throughout their future because they will be overall better individuals.   
            Student athletes are faced with many responsibilities through athletics.  Whether it is excelling in their sport of choice or excelling in the classroom academically, there is a lot expected of them as far as completion of their necessary duties. This responsibility that is developed through being a part of an athletic program will help students stay on track in the classroom. It causes students to use their time wisely and helps eliminate procrastination of school work. They also have more experiences that teach them to be responsible which will help them succeed in the future.
            One of the most important lessons that come from team sports is the use of teamwork. Teamwork is the combined effort of a team working together to be effective and efficient. This teaches students to work well with others which can help them in many other aspects of life.  The development of teamwork helps students become better at communicating with people they are working with. It also teaches students how to cooperate and learn from one another.  The teamwork that is taught through sports can be implemented into all other aspects of life and help students succeed.
When I think about myself as a coach I immediately start to think of the coaches I had and which ones had the most positive impact on me. A number of coaches come to mind and all of them have very similar coaching styles. They are very amiable, patient, and cooperative. One of the most reflective aspects of coaching that I have learned is that when you yell at an athlete they don’t listen.  I will be a coach that strives to help athletes, not embarrass them or make things harder for them. The goal of my coaching style is to instill teamwork, responsibility, and character in my athletes. 
            Participating in athletics have led to some of the most memorable and fun experiences of my life.  When reflecting back on my experiences in a number of sports, I can attribute a lot of who I am today to the lessons and values I received through athletics.  Athletics continues to shape my life now but in a different way. Now as a coach, it is my responsibility to make sure athletes receive the same valuable experiences through sports that I received and learned so much from.  I plan to continue to grow as a coach as I obtain more experience and work with more athletes at different age levels. I know from my experiences that when coaching younger athletes my main focus will teaching fundamentals and giving every athlete equal opportunity to succeed and get better at their particular sport. When moving up to the varsity level I understand that winning starts to mean a lot to the athletes and everyone following the team.  However, I am a firm believer that if an athlete puts in the effort and practice, I will give them the opportunity in games.

ll. Physical Education Philosophy
Physical education is a process of learning through physical activities. These activities are developed to increase physical fitness, develop skills, and provide students with the knowledge they need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. As a professional physical educator I believe that there are two major themes and ideas that frame what I do and value in the field. These themes and ideas are: learning through the physical, and providing students with lifelong activities.
            I believe that one of the most beneficial aspects to physical education is that students are given the opportunity to learn through the physical.  I think that being able to learn in an environment other than the classroom will help students succeed.  Learning through physical activity provides students with another way to learn information.  Also, this allows students to take a break from sitting in a classroom all day which may wake them up and help them focus in class.
            Along with learning through the physical, physical education provides students with lifelong activities. I believe that one of the most important features of physical education is teaching lifelong activities.  These activities can keep students active and physically fit throughout their lives.  Also, these activities provide students with a hobby and an activity they can do with friends.  Lifelong activities provide an increase in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective opportunities allowing students to live a healthier and more enjoyable life.
            Creating an inclusive learning environment is very important in physical education.  I will create an inclusive learning environment by creating learning goals and using different teaching methods. I will measure the learning goals by creating assessments for my students. By doing pre and post assessments I can measure my students progress towards the learning goals. Also, I can measure which teaching style fits best with each class.

lll. Educational Philosophy
As a professional educator, it is up to me to provide students the opportunity and the environment in which they can learn and succeed in obtaining the knowledge, skills, customs, and values associated with education.  My philosophy of education is supported by three main themes; education is essential for learning and the application of information, the development of student character and knowledge, and teachers act as a catalyst for student success.
            I believe that education is essential for learning and the application of information.  This is especially important for students in order to be independent outside of the classroom.  As a professional educator, I will be given the opportunity to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in the future. Providing students with the ability to learn and apply the information they learn will enable them to make connections between their education and the outside world. This will allow students to become lifelong learners and be successful throughout their lives.
            I believe that the teacher acts as a catalyst for student success.  Everything that the student learns in the classroom depends on the decisions made by the teacher.  The content taught to students, how much information is taught at one time, and the way in which the content is presented are just some of the decisions that will affect the amount of learning that takes place in the classroom.  As a professional educator I have the task of creating an environment and making the decisions that will enable students to make the most of the information being taught.  I will be the catalyst that sends students spiraling into a successful future through education.
            I believe that education is essential for the development of the student.  Developing the student should be the primary concern of teachers.  As a professional educator I am given the opportunity to develop student’s knowledge and character through education.  It is the role of the administration, teachers, and school staff to contribute in the development of students.  Along with developing character in students they must also be taught leadership, responsibility, motivation, and work ethics.  Administration, teachers, and school staff can all contribute to the development of these traits in the students of their school in different ways that will be beneficial to the students.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to make the most of their own education and experiences.  Students must come to school every day ready to learn and ask questions that will help them better understand the content.  By getting parents more involved in the education of their students I hope that this will cause more students to take their educations more seriously.  Having open nights when parents can come into the classroom and experience some of the tasks that their children do throughout the day may allow parents to understand what their children are learning. This can help contribute to increased learning outside of school as well.
            It is up to me to provide future generations of students the opportunity to learn and succeed in obtaining the knowledge, skills, customs, and values associated with education.  Through the three themes of my educational philosophy, I plan to make the most beneficial environment and experiences possible for my students to succeed in school and in the future.